About Vancon

Vancon was founded over a quarter century ago grounded in a man’s belief that his reputation is his most valuable possession. That man, Sam Moorman, remains an inspiration to our employees and partners. We recognize that with each project we construct, our personal as well as our professional reputation is on the line. The importance of our reputation as a builder with integrity, who provides solutions for our customers, is embraced by every member of the Vancon team.

Providing superior value while maintaining an excellent reputation in the marketplace, that’s what we strive for at Vancon. I hope you’ll give us an opportunity to talk with you about how we can meet your construction needs. You’ll be impressed with our operation and with our people.

Our Mission

Vancon exists to build a better way. If you believe that your project deserves not just to be completed, but to be done correctly from start to finish; turn to the premiere provider of value-added construction services for our discriminating customers. Our intent is to ensure outstanding value for our clients’ personal growth opportunities for our employees, strong financial returns for the shareholders, and responsible respect for the environment in which we serve.

What this means is that at Vancon we take pride in meeting the needs of our clients, our employees, our shareholders, and our community. In doing so, we provide outstanding value to our clients: the value of personalized design, development, and construction under the same roof, performed by people who care.

Why Vancon

Early Understanding of Cost & Design

We strive to anticipate accurate costs, site challenges, and any other problems that might arise during all phases of construction. Our clients know early in the process, what the building will look like and what it will cost.

No Surprises

Vancon has built a reputation for award-winning construction. We take the time to understand your unique needs and design a structure that furthers the goals of your building committee. We share our clients’ commitment to faith and to the values that are necessary for a strong working relationship.