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Design / Build

Vancon pioneered the use of Design/Build Construction as a viable contract delivery method in the Dayton area. Since the inception of the company, Vancon has strived to find a better way to meet each client’s unique needs and provide each client with a superior value. With these goals in mind, Vancon developed a Two-Phase Design/Build Program that has proved to be an efficient way to accomplish this goal.

Vancon’s proven Two-Phase Design/Build Program, in combination with the additional services Vancon offers, and Vancon’s knowledge of the often overlooked factors that affect total project cost, set Vancon apart from other Design/Build contractors.

Two-Phase Design/Build Program


In Phase I Vancon will gather info, analyze the site, and investigate the building and zoning code implications before preparing a schematic design and conceptual estimate, along with a preliminary development and construction schedule.

At the completion of Phase 1 the owner will have the budget information necessary to make good business decisions without committing to the cost of a complete design or construction contract.

Site Analysis Pre-Design

  • Evaluate topography
  • Discuss proposed building footprint or review exiting drawings
  • Analyze building codes
  • Analyze zoning codes
  • Investigate soil conditions


  • Present information from the site analysis and discuss how it relates to the project and client needs
  • Confirm that the results of the analysis align with the client needs
  • Receive feedback and provide estimated cost
  • Prioritize and create owner’s program
  • Discuss ways to curtail costs up front and over the lifetime of the property.

Schematic Design

  • Develop preliminary site plan
  • Develop preliminary floor plan
  • Develop Preliminary exterior elevations
  • Create building rendering

Conceptual Preliminary Schematic and Estimate

  • Prepare preliminary estimate in accordance with CSI’s Masterformat divisions
  • Write Preliminary specifications by Construction Specifications Institute divisions
  • Provide preliminary development and building schedule
  • Set development meeting dates
  • Designate milestones
  • Estimate groundbreaking date
  • Estimate construction time

Preliminary Development & Construction Schedule

  • At the completion of Phase I, Vancon meets with each client to present the schematic design, preliminary construction estimate, and preliminary development and construction schedule. Van Con also has the capability to help the client visualize the proportion and flow of the building through the use of a rendering or virtual walk-through of the building.


Upon the completion and acceptance of Phase I Vancon will prepare a construction contract agreement. Vancon works closely with the architect partner to create the construction documents necessary for permit submission, including; mechanical design, electrical design, plumbing design, structural design and the site design. Vancon finalizes the finish scheduled and establishes a final construction price and design.

Construction Drawings

  • Complete Final Architectural Design Drawings
  • Complete Final Civil Drawings
  • Complete Structural Drawings
  • Furnish HVAC Permit Drawings
  • Furnish Plumbing Permit Drawings
  • Furnish Electrical Permit Drawings
  • Create Final Rendering if required

Final Building Specifications

  • Final contract price
  • Final contract specifications


  • Construction meeting, as needed, with architect, Vancon project manager, key sub-contractors, and client’s representative
  • Documented and enforced safety program
  • Job cost reports
  • Construction schedule management


  • Walk through the building with client after project completion
  • Presentation of owner’s manual
  • Provide two year warranty
  • Provide prompt warranty response through dedicated Service Department
  • At the completion of every project Van Con’s project manager presents the client with an Owner’s Manual containing warranty and contact information.