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Expert Advice on Relocating or Expanding Your Business!

Young Entrepreneurs

Relocating or expanding your business can be a daunting, stressful, and time-consuming process. Your focus is frequently shifted away from your core business as you juggle financial, real estate, design, and construction concerns. Don’t worry, you can reduce your stress level and save time and money by completing an early financial assessment, assembling a team of experts, and documenting your needs into a comprehensive Owner’s Program. Before you begin searching for real estate to buy or lease, consider the following recommendations for a seamless expansion or relocation.

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Business Loans: The New Rules

Pile of Cash

So your business is changing. And you’ve decided to embark on a construction project in order to fulfill these needs. Maybe you’re expanding your offices to accommodate growth, or adding a warehouse to centralize your operations under one roof. Perhaps you need an entirely new facility and are debating whether to renovate an existing building or build new. Unfortunately, many of these projects cannot be realized without obtaining outside financing. Lending has become a whole new game, but many are not learning about the new rules until they show up to play, only to find they are ineligible or don’t meet the criteria.

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